Craft Room
     ❤6 foot tables for each crafter
     ❤Comfortable office chairs
     ❤Trash Can
     ❤Drink caddie with attached trash receptacle
     ❤Big Shot
     ❤Good selection of dies

Fully Stocked Kitchen
     ❤10 Cup Coffeemaker
     ❤Plenty of pots, pans, casserole and serving dishes
     ❤Kitchenaid mixer
     ❤Food processor
     ❤Water dispenser (water refills available in town)

     ❤All linens and pillows
     ❤Hair dryer
     ❤Hand soap
     ❤Toilet paper J

     ❤High Speed Internet
     ❤The Raggedy Inn is not responsible for internet speeds or technical          issues
     ❤We currently do not limit data usage; however , that is subject to            change if data usage exceeds our allotment consistently
     ❤Keep in mind that streaming will affect your speeds with 10 people
     ❤We recommend using downloaded movies or music and saving the           internet usage for Design

Living Room
     ❤Lots of seating
     ❤TV - equipped with Netflix and Hulu

Dining Room
     ❤Large table with plenty of seating

     ❤Pool with three lounge chairs
     ❤Small table and chairs on back patio
     ❤Fruit trees - feel free to have any ripened fruit for your visit, but
       please limit only to what you will use during your stay

Suggested items to bring:
     ❤Personal items - shampoo, soaps, etc.
     ❤Your favorite pillow
     ❤Bluetooth music player

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